Things You Should Do To Maintain Your Swimming Pool At Least Once In A Year

If you want to enjoy your swimming pool then you have to maintain it properly. By providing timely as well as regular maintenance your pool will ensure clean and hygienic water which will prevent you from certain allergies.

Maintenance process includes extracting debris or leaves, insects and some other particles that float on the surface of the water, if these things are not cleaned after some period of time then this will make your pool’s water stagnant.


Besides this kind of maintenance, there are some things that should be performed at least once in a year in order to maintain your swimming pool.

If you are not able to maintain your swimming pool properly then you can hire pool maintenance long island services, they will make your pool clean and hygienic and then all you have to enjoy your swimming without feeling any worry.

Some tasks that should be performed at least in a year to maintain a swimming pool

  •    Clean pool filters

When pool’s filters are not cleaned for a long time then a lot of dirt, leaves, debris and some other impurities get accumulated in it. If you want good performance from your pool’s pump then these filters should be looked after properly.

When these filters get clogged they start leaking slowly and processes a little amount of water with lesser efficiency.

This wouldn’t sound good for your swimming pool as water will not get filtered properly.

So these filters should get cleaned at least once in a year.


  •    Maintain the quality of the water

It is very essential to have the right PH level of the water as more acidic water can burn your skin and may cause some allergies in your body.

In order to check the acidity or PH level of the water, a test kit is available which helps in judging this process.

Proper chlorination of the water should be done so that water doesn’t get dirty so easily and avoid allergens to enter the pool.

If you live in Long Island then all you need is to call pool contractors long island services, they will help you in maintaining your pool’s water and also provides solutions to your swimming pool related problems.

  •    Brushing the walls

Pool maintenance not only includes cleaning the water and maintaining its quality but also includes cleaning up of the walls of the pool in order to prevent algae and mold that stuck to the walls of the pool by properly brushing it.

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