Lake Malawi

One of the main reasons for coming to Lake Malawi is for its fresh water diving. Zimbawe Rocks in Cape Maclear has one of the world’s best freshwater dive sites, according to “British Diver Magazine”. The lake is a vast aquarium with its crystal clear waters, dramatic granite boulders and majestic wall diving.

The lake is most famous for its unique cichlids that have been estimated at 1000 species, more freshwater species than the total number found in Europe and USA combined. Cichlids are brightly coloured fish of every shape and colour and are divided into four major groups: the small utaka; the large, pike-like and generally predatory ncheni; the bottomfeeding chisawasaw; and the brightly coloured, algae eating mbuna that truly delight divers and snorkelers.

They protect their eggs and young from danger by sheltering them in their mouths. At the first sign of danger they quickly zap them into their mouth and once danger has passed they spit them out again to feed. It is truly a fascinating sight to witness. Diving here is a year round event providing suitable diving from beginner to advanced with depths from 6m to 110m.