How Investment Can Get You A Green Card

One of the methods to attain a green card in the USA is through investment. This program often referred to as Immigration Investment, is a means of fast-tracking the application for an EB-5 green card visa.

But before considering this, it is very essential that you fully comprehend what ‘immigration investment’ means and what are the possible drawbacks that one may come across in the way of investment in USA to get green card.

Green Card

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All the above things are discussed here in this article, including a brief summary of what exactly the EB-5 green card visa is, and how you can accelerate the whole process of getting a green card through immigration investment.

The EB-5 Green Card Visa

The green card visa allows you to live and work anywhere in the United States. If you are willing to apply for citizenship of the USA, then you can make that application after 5 years of getting the green card visa. Usually, this visa can take ten or more years to get hold of.

Investment Visa

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The EB-5 Immigration Investment

You can detour many of the required conditions for the green card visa with the help of Immigration Investment also known as EB-5 investment. By investing a fixed amount into a USCIS approved Regional Center you would be given a green card visa within 5-10 months.

This program was set with an objective to generate jobs in various regions of the USA where there was a need for regeneration and development. By aiding financially with the revitalization of these regions your remuneration is permanent residency anywhere in the United States.

EB-5 green card visa

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Why You Need Expert Advice

An expert advice is required in this type of cases as there is an involvement of a huge amount of money and also every regional center has its own specific considerations which must be fulfilled.

Of course, this can be done without any help but if you want to ensure that the program in which you have invested has a good record of creating jobs in long run, then you definitely need to hire professional and experienced immigration experts.

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