Brief On The Process Of Preparing Your Vessel For Boat Transportation

Many boat transportation companies offer pre-preparation prior to transportation to ensure that your vessel is safe during its journey and that it is compliant with all international laws whilst it is en route to your destination. 

If you are undertaking boat transportation yourself, follow this small guide to make your preparations easy.  

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The very first thing that you need to bear in mind is that never undertake boat transportation using an unfit vehicle, no matter how short a distance you are travelling. Before setting off check the following:

Is your trailer licensed?

If your trailer isn’t licensed or does not have a transporter tag you cannot use it for boat transportation. It is illegal to use your trailer for boat transportation in this way if it does not have a license or tag.

Check your coupler

If your coupler is faulty, do not undertake boat transportation. A faulty coupler could result in your trailer coming free of your vehicle en route which could be extraordinarily dangerous. Ensure it is in good working order and is greased thoroughly.

Test your brakes

If you’re carrying a substantial load, well performing brakes are more important than ever. Test them properly prior to departure and, if necessary, replace or repair them before you take to the roads.

Check your tyres

If your tyres are not up to scratch you could be putting yourself, road users and your vessel in danger during boat transportation. Make sure your trailer’s tyres are properly inflated, have the right level of tread and are free from cracks, bubbles and gouges in the rubber.

Soft furnishings & other loose items

These need to be safely stowed below deck along with any canvas and bows.


Any electronics on board your vessel need to be removed and securely stored before you depart.

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